These surprising photos show masses of butterflies interacting with various animals. But why do they do it, especially with such risk to themselves? One answer is that butterflies typically swarm during migration, and these pictures capture such a moment. The other answer is that butterflies can't get all the minerals they need from flowers, making them attracted to things that are salty.

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For the more mythologically minded, butterflies represent the soul or the mind in many cultures. The Chinese, Greeks, and Romans believed this to be true. In Japan, however, while the symbolism is the same, one butterfly indicated an upcoming visit from your loved one, but a large number was viewed as a bad omen.

Do you have any cool photos of butterflies in the wild? Post your pictures or vote on your favorite below.

#1 Cat And Butterfly

Cat And Butterfly

Anatoly Morozov Report

shones 1 year ago

Amazing timing on the shutter!

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#2 Cat Playing With Butterflies

Cat Playing With Butterflies

Natalia Moldovanova Report

#3 Lion And Butterfly

Lion And Butterfly

Kerry Snider Report

IuliaSuta 1 year ago

Arrrrr !

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#4 Chameleon And Butterly

Chameleon And Butterly

Mehmet Karaca Report

#5 Cat Trying To Catch A Butterfly

Cat Trying To Catch A Butterfly

Kemal Selimovic Report

#6 Curiousity


Champ&Candice Report

Rism 1 year ago

I always hv soft spot for golden :)

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#7 Gecko And Butterfly

Gecko And Butterfly

Kutub Uddin Report

shones 1 year ago

Just beautiful!

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#8 Alligators With Butterflies

Alligators With Butterflies


#9 Impossible Love

Impossible Love

Mustafa Öztürk Report

ViolaSándor 1 year ago

kiss the frog and become a butterfly

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#10 Rat And Butterfly

Rat And Butterfly

dael Report