What can be more amazing than having a best friend? Getting a chance to grow up with him! While some of us are still looking for the one true friend, these animals already found each other and are happy to share their lives together. In this list collected by Bored Panda you'll find even the most unlikely of friendships, such as best buddies Riff the pet rat and his dog guardian Osiris.

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If you were thinking of getting your pet a buddy we hope that this list convinced you. If you have pictures of your two pets growing up together, don't hesitate to add them to the list!

#2 Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

rainbowchimp Report

Herb Eaversmells 7 months ago

You can tell the yellow lab is the goof ball

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#3 Then And Now

Then And Now


Stille20 7 months ago

This is like the Mom of football /hockey players

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#5 The Most Beautiful Twin Cats Growing Up

The Most Beautiful Twin Cats Growing Up

sis.twins Report

Dean Clark 7 months ago

Van Cats, breed originates from Van in eastern Turkey.

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#8 Remember When...

Remember When...

tMoneyMoney Report

Daria B 7 months ago

Never changing. Even the formation is the same.

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