Step aside, traditional white wedding cakes, geode cakes are taking over now! Covered in stunning edible crystals, these rocky confections have become the ultimate bridal must-haves this season, making brides say goodbye to the buttercream frosting and hello to colorful crystals.

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Earlier this year Intricate Icings' amethyst-inspired cake created by Rachel Teufel went viral and now we're seeing these delicate desserts pop up everywhere. Made completely out of edible sugar, I must say, the rock candy accents make the cakes look pretty bad ass. Take a look below and let us know what you think!

The original amethyst cake by Rachel Teufel that inspired the trend



Geode Wedding Cake

threetiersforcake Report

Awkward dog 11 months ago

Coolest one yet, in my opinion anyway:)

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Geode Wedding Cake

utahbrideblog Report

Allison Woodfill 11 months ago

Fucking awesome

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Geode Wedding Cake

sailboatsociety Report

Sandra Tuft 11 months ago

Stunning xx

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Geode Wedding Cake

martin_minis Report

Yvonne Bernal 11 months ago

Would be most excellent if this one had a fountain of hot fudge below it!

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Geode Wedding Cake

mjcakeskl Report

Rhonda Greene 11 months ago

Just simply beautiful


Geode Wedding Cake

thesugaredrose Report

Sarah Russell 11 months ago

The correct credit for this cake maker is The Sugared Rose:

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