Miguel Rodrigues is a Portuguese artist who has shown his sculptures in amazing palaces and baroque churches in Europe.

He calls his style – hyper-baroque, seeking to understand the excess of contemporary societies, through baroque extravagance. Using beauty as a tool of his work.

The final photographs of these works are a contrast between the past and the present.

More info: miguel-rodrigues.com

La Beauté

at Catherine Palace Saint Petersburg

Lá Beauté II

at Hermitage Pavilion of Catherine Palace in Saint Petersburg


At Henrrique Mendonça Palace in Lisbon

Je Suis Ton Fils

At Braga Cathedral in Braga

Entre le Silence des Cordes

At Santos Palace in Lisbon

Olive Grossi

At Larre Palace in Lisbon


at Necessidades Palace in Lisbon


At Museum Mayer Van Den Bergh in Antwerp