Every artist knows that patience is a requirement for a quality painting, and this young artist takes 9 hours to create her artistic gems. Twenty-year-old Nikki Bettis has a passion for both writing and drawing. By the age of 17, she wrote some 18 books. Her love for drawing started at the age of nine. Armed with her iPad Pro, Nikki creates impressive masterpieces of famous YouTubers and other social influencers.

The talented artist draws anyone from the ACE family members to Kylie Jenner. When asked what prompted her decision to create an ACE family fan page, she said, “I started watching the ACE Family on YouTube earlier this year, and they’re so inspiring.” She continued, “They make me believe that I could reach my future goals and should never give up on my dreams, no matter how hard life may be.”

As a child, Nikki was obsessed with manga/anime. The older she got, the more the young artist wanted to challenge herself. She took on the arduous and sometimes impossible task of drawing real-life people and triumphed. Her determination and skill are evident, and it is clear, this young artist is going places.

Her goals for the future include success. More specifically, she plans to publish her first book in the very near future. As for her expectations for the book, she says, “I hope everyone would enjoy reading it and see the creativity that I put into the story.”

Check out some of these fantastic creations below.

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