Meet the mauvais marie creatures, a gang of talking animals, full of personality as it is told by their peculiar noses.

The lion and the mouse, the stork and the fox, the monkey and the cat, the wolf and the lamb, the hare and her ears are all part of the first mauvais marie collection, inspired by the universe of La Fontaine Fables.

This handmade adventure started two years ago, when Elsa risked her fingers’ good health by hand sewing some toys for her first baby to come. After a lot of mild sewing injuries and wild experiments, she started to have some control of the results, and a lot of fun. Soon the house got invaded by colorful fabrics, whimsical sketches and little bits of thread. Searching for stories to tell she landed on La Fontaine Fables that have a lot of room for interpretation and humor, and this September mauvais marie and her first collection were born.

Made from the original design, all the mauvais marie soft toys are crafted and embroidered by hand with 100% cotton fabric and nontoxic polyester stuffing. All the materials used are free from any toxic or allergic substances, and the soft toys are CE marked certifying that they are made in the safest way possible.

With all their colorful stories, which one will you choose to be your new friend?


More info:

Leonard is the king, but the greatest king knows that even the smallest animals may prove to be great friends. That is why he always keeps the Mouse’s number on speed dial

Morty the Mouse is the forest handyman. No job too small, he fixes them all

Meet William the Wolf (not really a morning person)

Everyone knows Larry the Lamb is the best defense lawyer in the forest. Especially the Wolf

Harriet is a flight attendant and she travels a lot. For Harriet, the passion for meeting new places started with a very practical reason. Her ears

Stella the Stork is a very popular food blogger. Her blog is called Dinner in a Jar

Ever since a little incident with the stork, Felicia the Fox always carries a straw to every dinner she is invited to

Marvin the monkey is a gourmet cook. He does anything to find new flavors to add to his recipes

Calvin the Cat loves Custard Tarts and the occasional chestnut