There is one phrase you can tell any woman if you want to make her the happiest person alive, and the phrase is… “it has pockets“. For some reason, women, amongst many other things, have to battle with the world to prove that just like men, they love and need pockets. It’s a simple thing but it can change so much and it can definitely be the breaking point while deciding whether or not they are buying a certain piece of clothing. So, if you’re frustrated just like the rest of the world about the lack of pockets in women’s clothing, this story is perfect for you.

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Recently, one woman named Karen left a hilarious review on Amazon about the pair of yoga pants she bought

Karen also attached a photo of her carrying a bottle of rose in her pants

Following Karen’s example, Sandrea also decided to share her love for yoga pants with pockets

After reading these reviews, people online started to wonder – why on earth are pockets such a rare thing in women’s clothing?