Parenting is hard. Especially if you have a child who won’t stop weeping. You scream your lungs out, pointing our their every mistake, and nothing. Still, they turn to tears instead of silently internalizing your rage. Not too long ago, a parent had been suffering from this problem so much, they turned to Quora. “How do I teach my 16-year-old daughter not to cry when I yell at her for doing something wrong,” they asked. The little brat must’ve shed at least an ocean of tears if their caretakers had to humiliate themselves before the internet, asking for help. Luckily, a woman who went through the exact same thing responded. Scroll down to read her response to learn how to deal with such a nuisance yourself.

Not too long ago, a parent asked this question on Quora

This woman responded sharing her own experience

Image credits: Alicia Jordan

Moved by Alicia’s response, others started relating as well

Others weren’t so quick to blame the parent

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