One night in early February 1945 a Consolidated Canso Bomber plane left the RCAF Air Station in Tofino loaded with supplies, which included 1000 pounds of explosives.

Carrying 12 personnel, 2,800 liters of fuel and four 115.5 kg depth charges the plane cleared the runway just as the port side engine quit. While attempting to return to the airfield pilot-first officer Ronnie J. Schole banked a 180 degree turn which started to skim tree tops, fearing a direct impact with the hill he then put the plane into a full stall and crash landed into the dense forest of Radar Hill near Tofino BC, Canada. All 12 crew members survived and were rescued 11 hours later despite the wreckage being in flames from spilled fuel.

Air Force personnel returned soon after to retrieve radios and guns and to detonate the depth charges. Holes of those detonations can be seen on the hike in to the crash site. A hike that should be planned in advance as many have gotten lost trying to find the plane. These are my photos and a video from the hike in. Enjoy.

More info:

Canso Bomber crash site, Tofino BC, Canada

View from the tail of the Canso Bomber crash

Wing and fuselage

Interior structure of the bomber

The remains of one of the engines under a wing

Close-up of some fuselage damage

Looking through from side to side

Tail section of the Canso Bomber, Tofino BC, Canada

Bits and pieces scattered about the crash site

Looking through the body

Crash site from the front

Engine and wing

Hiking in to the Canso Bomber crash site on Vancouver Island