This is a story about how to help homeless animals. We have made a calendar for 2017 called Psiarelli (this is a mixture of Pirelli famous calendar and “psi” which means “of dogs” in Polish). We all have been working PRO BONO: the athletic models, me as the photographer, the make-up artist, the graphic designers, the editors… The animal models were from the shelter in Korabiewice, Poland, managed by a non-profit organization Viva! (International Movement for Animals Viva!)

Working with such models was for me the great pleasure. However, I’d love to be much younger than I am!

Do you like our idea? Do you like our models? Would you like to adopt them? Or maybe you want to buy this calendar? You are welcome. All the money earned from the sale will be used for renovation of the Korabiewice shelter. We will be much grateful for sharing it.

More info:

Marcin Goc / Enter

Filip Szczęski / Loyd

Kamil Wykowski / Barry

Damian Belica / Misu

Szymon Szymański / Borys

Marek Wierzbicki / Agatka

Daniel Tarnawski / Mefisto

Adam Kuncicki / Yoda

Krystian Modzelewski / Bzik

Szymon Urban / Kubuś

Mirek Baściuk /Franek

Jakub Sawicki / Pestka

The cover of Psiarelli 2017 calendar