Quitting your job or being fired can be extremely stressful situations because they set you on an entirely different path in life. There’s lots of uncertainty. Tensions might be high, but quitting your job means finding the balance between staying true to your principles and acting in a professional manner (even if you really, really, really hate the job).

A series of TikTok videos about a woman quitting her job with a bang have ignited a fiery debate online and people can’t come to a proper consensus. TikTok user Olivia Bason, aka Olivetrizzle, who said she was “miserable” at her tanning salon job in Dallas, had enough, filmed how she locked the store and drove home. Drama ensued, as her manager didn’t want to pay her until she returned the key to the store.

Opinions are divided about whether she was acting childish or brave. Have a look through the videos below, dear Pandas, and let us know what you think of the entire situation. Bored Panda has reached out to Olivia for a comment and we’ll update you as soon as we get a reply.

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Olivia quit her job with a bang and filmed the entire thing. However, the internet was divided about whether she did things the right way

You can check out the full first video right here

@olivetrizzlejust walked out my job lol wbu?? no but fr i was miserable and FED UP. ##job ##quit ##foryou ##lol ##fyp ##oops ##work♬ original sound – kyndal

The woman’s manager wanted to withhold her wages because she didn’t return the key to the store

And here’s the full version of the second video

@olivetrizzle##stitch with @olivetrizzle and if I don’t see that $300 next Friday I will be using these ss in court!! And thanks to everyone who’s been commenting!♬ original sound – uhliveeuh

According to some commenters, the tanning salon makes you sign a contract that means you lose 300 dollars if you don’t return the key within 24 hours. However, Olivia said that she allegedly didn’t sign such a contract, though she was told about the policy verbally.

Olivia told the Daily Dot that she was surprised by how popular her TikToks were. “A lot of people are like, supporting me through it and like, giving me advice, and that’s really helpful. And I just feel very validated in this,” she said.

A former employee pointed out that the company was legally in the right to withhold wages if you don’t return the key when you quit

“We had to sign a bunch of contracts for other stuff, but I don’t remember signing one for a key. And maybe that’s because like, I probably signed it, when I first started working. And then I got my key later. I feel like I would have remembered if it was talked about, but I was told if the key was lost and needed to be replaced, it would be like $300 out of my paycheck,” she told the Daily Dot.

“I have the key, and they’re not going to get it back. But at the same time, like, they never gave me an opportunity to do so.”

Meanwhile, some of Olivia’s supporters have been bombarding the tanning chain with fake bad reviews as a way to get revenge on the employee’s behalf. Olivia believes that she was constantly getting walked over by her colleagues and had to do more than her fair share of work.

Some of the people who supported Olivia trolled her former job by leaving negative reviews

Here’s how some people reacted to the TikTok drama. They were busy debating who was right and who was wrong