The first time I have seen this fascinating place, I knew I would return later on. I have walked through many a forest but have only seldom found such wooden resemblances of zoomorphic or anthropomorphic (even more rare) representation, and then remotely and only one at a time.

To find them all gathered in one place, such as in a zoo or private nature reserve was a joyful surprise.

As you will see in the following images, they can have quite delicate details and very expressive features engraved in their woody flesh, over the course of time. I wonder what complex natural occurrences have led to a conclusion of such diverse shapes, be they with smooth or with sharp outlines.

I admit that the angles of the photographs favor this recognition and hide the side of the reality that would make them simply, pieces of wood, but the magic is there to be put forth, not to be put out. That was the purpose from the beginning of the project, and such is with most projects I undertake.

Wood can be as smooth as a sculpture, full of shrapnel and sharp as a knife, blunt or battered, poked and perforated, gnarled and twisted or hollowed out. Wood can be straight, even eroded as some stones are, it can take wondrous or seemly impossible shapes, it can grow eyes and limbs, it can spread cracks on its surface and actually crack stones open too.

No photo manipulation whatsoever was used. The image Wooden Portrait was obtained by mirroring the original image on the horizontal.

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