What would you do for your cat? One woman traveled 1,300 miles from her home in Oak Harbor, Washington to Fort Collins, Colorado to get her cat Baba G. the lifesaving cancer treatment he needed.

Baba Ganoush was a rescue cat that Crystal adopted when she lived in Jacksonville, Fla. He was Crystal’s constant companion, snuggling by her side during her husband’s deployments and moving to Washington with the couple.

There wasn’t much Crystal didn’t think she’d do for her best friend. And then that loyalty was put to the test.

Not long after they moved to Washington, Baba’s vet diagnosed him with soft tissue sarcoma. Crystal was devastated but knew she’d do whatever she could to help Baba fight and beat the cancer. Of course, Baba’s comfort and quality of life was of utmost importance.

Fraught with worry, Crystal explored every option. Baba’s vet referred Crystal to the Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University….1,300 miles away!

What could Crystal do? She consulted the team at CSU who helped make up her mind that she could make it work. So she and Baba got in the car and trekked the 24-hour drive to Fort Collins to get the treatment he needed.

Crystal and Baba stayed in Colorado for two weeks of radiation. While Crystal wanted to do anything she could for Baba G., the expense of treatment worried her.

That’s when the CSU team told her about the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo Foundation Cancer Treatment Fund. The fund is designated to certain veterinary hospitals to help families pay for their beloved pets’ treatment. Thankfully, Crystal was accepted for the grant and alleviated the financial part of her worries. Soon, however, her worries about Baba’s health would fade as well.

After two weeks, Baba and Crystal returned home to Oak Harbor to finish his treatment with his regular vet.

Crystal is happy to report that Baba’s doing great! His side effects were limited to a bit of lethargy but he’s his same old cuddly self. “He’s a charming sweetheart,” said Crystal. “He loves to sleep on my chest, tucking his head around my neck and into my hair. We often nap together on the weekends.”

Baba’s team at CSU is still rooting for him from afar, sending fan mail and encouragement as he finishes treatment and resumes normal life with his champion, Crystal, by his side.

Together with Blue Buffalo, the Petco Foundation has invested more than $13 million in pet cancer research and treatment. Check out their Pet Cancer Resource Guide (https://www.petcofoundation.org/love-story/pet-cancer-resource-guide/) for valuable information about cancer treatment and available grants and funds.

More info: petcofoundation.org

Crystal and Baba’s story of love and sacrifice

Crystal and Baba Ganoush (Baba G.!), her BFF

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