I am a Belgian female artist & illustrator and I use a self-invented technique of automatic drawing to delve into my subconscious.

I doodle everywhere and every spare moment. By quickly drawing, barring any conscious thought, I am giving as much room as possible to my imagination. Through extensive, at times even compulsive, doodling, a new and totally unique world arises. Come visit, get inspired and maybe get lost in my subconscious. Join my world and my obsessive compulsive drawings.





More info: jook.be

With markers directly on her dress.

# Me in front of my mural in my house, in my living room

# Jook draws on the walls of her living room. Timelapse 4k movie.

# Smiling in front of my mural.

# Jook’s doodle dress – these artistic doodle drawings are so unique.

# Detail of Jook’s doodle dress.

# Woman doodles her kitchen. 4K. Music from my husband willemsson.com

# The bedroom of Mozes, our son.

# With my original doodle clothes.

# My husband and son in the bathroom.

# willemsson and Mozes.

# Myself in the kitchen.

# Drawing on the surface of my kitchen. My husband didn’t know.

# Our kitchen, nice.

# My doodle mural in our living room.

#Jook Doodle in front of her wall.

# Nero, our ragdoll is always interested in what I do.

# Always with Poscamarkers.

# Our house.