Stirring sugar into your coffee and then throwing the spoon into the trash. Taking a carton of orange juice out of the fridge and pouring it into a bowl instead of a glass. Looking for your keys/glasses/cup of coffee when they’re in your hand/on your head/next to you. Each and every single one of us has had moments in our lives where we’ve done completely stupid or wrong things without realizing it. To bystanders, our mistakes are obvious. But we only realized we’ve had a brain fart much, much later. That’s when we get embarrassed.

One person who had an incredibly embarrassing brain fart was Alyssa Stringfellow who wanted to be added to her ‘memaw’s’ car insurance policy. For that, she needed to send the company some photos. Now, most of us probably intuitively know that the company meant pictures of Alyssa’s vehicle. However, that’s not what she sent.

Alyssa had a derpy moment when a car insurance company asked her to send pictures

The teacher from Arkansas admitted that she had a ‘blonde moment’ and nobody’s innocent when it comes to those. The story went viral on the internet, as well as having major media outlets picking it up. Alyssa’s post on Facebook got over 50,000 likes and was shared by 31,000 people who related to the teacher’s derpy moment.

She thought she was supposed to send pictures of herself

Brain farts don’t come out of nowhere: there are logical, rational, scientific explanations for why weird things happen to our brains.

“Oh, my sweet summer child”

Live Science explains that one of the things to blame for memory lapses is going through a door. As it turns out, going through one separates one set of thoughts and memories from the next and is triggers what is known by brainy people as an ‘event boundary.’ So if you find yourself putting your phone in the fridge, can never find the TV remote, or can’t remember what you forgot, stop walking through so many doors!

Have you had any similar brain fart moments, dear Readers? What were your most recent embarrassing mistakes? Share your experiences with all of us in the comments. And be sure to check out Bored Panda’s article about work brain farts.

Most people were very complimentary of Alyssa’s pictures