Few things in the animal kingdom are stronger than the bond between human and dog, and it is the simple but powerful force behind this relationship that gives illustrator John Stortz’s nature photos their charm. As he travels throughout the United States with his beautiful and fittingly named white dog Wolf, he takes photos of some of the beautiful landscapes they visit.

The wolf-dog, whose full name is Wolfgang, teamed up with Stortz on these road trips when he adopted Wolf from a shelter about two years ago.

Their Instagram is a pleasure to browse, as the cool photos of the beautiful wolf-like Wolfgang are punctuated by Stortz’s amazing illustrations. Though Stortz draws a variety of subjects, his love for nature photography and the Influence of Wolf on his work is evident. Be sure to take a look!

More info: Instagram | Tumblr | inprnt.com (h/t: modernmet)

Bryce Canyon, UT

Bronson Canyon, CA

Bryce Canyon, UT

Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, CA

Convict Lake, CA

Foggy Morning in the Anza Borrego Desert, CA

 Glacier National Park, Montana

Awendaw, South Carolina

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado

Death Valley, CA

Lincoln Heights. Los Angeles, CA

Anza-Borrego Morning, CA

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town, CA

Eldorado National Forest, CA

Potato Chip Rock, CA

Anza Borrego Desert, CA

Kolob Canyon, UT

Anza-Borrego Desert, CA

East Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Medicine Bow National Forest, WY

The Slot Canyons of Anza-Borrego, CA

Brooklyn, NY