Today I wanted to celebrate my love for a very special cat, her name is Thula and she has been my daughters best friend for 2 years now helping her through many challenges.

My little girl, Iris is on the Autistic Spectrum, she found life overwhelming, distressing and she stayed mostly silent in her own world but with the help from this incredible Maine Coon cat life has changed forever for our family. I’m so grateful to her for that. Thula is affectionate, loyal and adventurous proving how different really is brilliant. 


More info:

The ears, you have to love those ears and whiskers too

Best napping partners

Fiercely protective of their humans

Love of water

Always interested to learn new things

Up for an adventure

And in the centre of family life

Even playing princess in a pink castle

But never forgetting to have a sense of humour

Or being there for some inspiration

Fitting into any shoes

Going on bike rides

Chilling on summer days

Or climbing trees

Ready for winter with their thick fur, large paws and bushy tail

A girl’s best friend