My cat is not secretly plotting to kill me. She took this to the next level and became pretty open about her intentions.

I feed her, I take care of her, and I love her. She sleeps wherever she wants, does whatever she wants and gets cuddles and belly rubs whenever she wants. And she still looks at me like I am her worst enemy.

Hands off, hooman!

I sees everything

This mine now!

It all started pretty innocently. First, I’d just find her staring at me from random places, judging me. I thought it cute.

I work, you starve

After a while, though, it became more serious. She started invading my personal space. And that wouldn’t be such a problem, hadn’t she decided to take over my work projects. Now, she not only owns the house, but she has also hijacked my source of income and left me broke, living purely at her mercy.

Permission denied!

And speaking of mercy, this Queen rarely has any. It took some practice, but she finally invented her own way of giving me the finger. Her majesty’s signature “permission denied” move.

The devil offspring

To make matters worse, she has decided to give birth to a little devil offspring and he’s growing really quickly. Should I fear for my life?

Fear for your life, you fool!

And the student becomes the master