It is no secret that most of us nowadays have our little special corner of the Internet, whether that would be our Instagram or Twitter account, Imgur profile, a personal blog, YouTube account – you name it, there’s a place for everyone under the virtual sun here.

This time the Tumblr community blessed us with a story so wholesome, it seems the writers on the platform can’t get enough of it themselves. It’s been circulating online for quite a while and several people kept adding to it until it became a real masterpiece about kindness and the true beauty of friendship, loyalty, and selfless unconditional love. And no, it’s not me crying, it’s them ninjas cutting onions.

When talking about storytelling, storyteller specializing in personal narratives Josh Campbell says it’s important to stay honest with your audience when you’re telling or writing a story. He suggests staying with your point but not forgetting to add some little exciting side quests.  “[In] every journey you want to get from A to B but it’s the side roads and the side tracks, the long cuts and the short cuts that make the journey worthwhile,” says the storyteller.


Someone on Tumblr posted this writing prompt for people continue the story

However, Josh says it’s important not to get too carried away with the side stories and also not to be too open about the moral of the story. Let the people figure it out themselves. “You’ve got to trust that your audience is going to get the lesson that you want them to get or they’re going get the lesson that they want to get. Don’t rob them of that by telling them the moral of the story”.

And this person definitely delivered

Image credits: Jim Driscoll

Image credits: hartanto

However, the story didn’t end here as another user added up more to the perfection

Finally, user under the nickname Stu-pot leveled up the story to become a real hymnal of kindness, loyalty and friendship