Combining the Internet’s love of adorable kittens and instant availability, Illinois-based cat fosters have taken their awesomeness one stage further by running a 24/7 YouTube livestream. The venture and channel are called Kitten Academy, and according to their channels motto, it’s “where kittens learn to cat”.

Kitten Academy is run by two cat lovers nicknamed Mr Academy and DJ, who began classes in May 2015. The kittens they support (with help of monthly donations through Patreon), are on loan from locally-based animal charity, On Angels’ Wings in Crystal Lake. With a longstanding relationship with the fosters, On Angels’ Wings place pregnant cats and new families (some rescued from kill shelters) under their care, where viewers can watch the newborn (and “Momcat”) grow up.

The kittens and cats are cared for deeply with lots of toys, food, and human interaction in their special “academy room”, while receiving the best vet care, and training to familiarize themselves with other pets and situations. Once old enough to find their forever home, the kittens return to On Angels’ Wings on selected adoption days. In addition to being the perfect way to ease stress or anxiety, the livestream also increases the chances for the kittens to be adopted as soon as possible.

To date, Kitten Academy has helped dozens of kittens to grow and find forever homes. Below are just some of those they’ve raised. (Photos courtesy of Kitten Academy.)

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