We are Thinslices, a family of elephants who build technology products and develop mobile apps for startups. Since we are extremely privileged to come to work every day and write apps in a building that used to house the Theatre’s Museum, we thought of inviting you to celebrate our 5th year anniversary by taking a tour of this incredible elephants’ office.

The building dates back to 1830 and is loaded with history; for many years, it served as a meeting place for poets. Although it’s now the office of an iOS software development company, we haven’t made much changes to its original structure so as to keep the spirit of this amazing building alive.

More info: thinslices.com

An adventurous Romanian start-up decided to set their office in this museum.

Aside from being naturally awesome, the Thinslices team of ‘elephants’ are best known for developing iOS apps.

Working in a fast-paced industry, they know how important history is.

Working with a team of architects added a lot of imagination…

…and turned the whole project into a wonderful work space.

From relaxing rooms

to colourful meeting spaces,

this place gathers the happiest employees.