In a world where differing styles of color photography change as quickly as the latest fad, I find the timeless consistency of black and white imagery to be a comforting escape. Without the visible distractions of color, all that is left is the raw emotion of the moment and the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the story. One of my favorite subjects to portray as emotive monochromatic imagery is children because of their uncanny ability to innocently teach us important life lessons that we often tend to overlook or forget as we grow older. Oftentimes I'll convey emotion in an image without even any facial expression, showing that light, shadow, texture and composition play just as important a role in determining mood as does one's face.

Such is the case for this series.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then I hope it holds true for this set of work, if not more so. Sometimes the thoughts that plague my mind are better left unsaid, although on occasion I'm inspired enough to illustrate them in images I feel do better at speaking for themselves instead. Being a realist, my conceptual imagery is often a composite of my own photographs produced with the intent of replicating something I otherwise could have captured with the proper time and opportunity- although, on occasion, I enjoy delving into the world of What If's. Either way, the outcome is still the same- to create thought proving art that is relative to us all- our joys, our pain, our desires, our fears, our perceptions of life itself- and hopefully contrive a brief respite of introspection and inspiration in this often tumultuous and unpredictable world.

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#1 Excelsior



#2 What Wonders Await

What Wonders Await


#3 Migraine



Desiree Summer 1 year ago

this one made my heart race

#4 With You

With You


#5 Freedom



#6 Glimpse



#7 Fearless



#8 Waiting For The World To Change

Waiting For The World To Change


#9 Press Onward

Press Onward


#10 In Between Eternity

In Between Eternity