I am a fine art photographer and visual storyteller. It is only through photography that I have been able to explore the depths of my own psyche, recreating forgotten joys and life’s loves, whilst vanquishing past tragedies and painful trauma.

Combining the power of nightmares and the magic of fairytales, it is through photography that I express my inner-self; my memories, fears and dreams in an art form that evokes powerful emotions and intrigue.

Before considering reaching for the camera, every project is meticulously pre-conceptualized, and only when the piece is thoroughly planned, will the shoot begin.

My works to date feature mostly feminine forms.simple locations and inexpensive props.Often heavily edited yet remaining fully photographic,to create a somewhat different reality for all to question.

It is here I find comfort in my fears.

More info: michelle-mackie.com


Seed of hope

Allow a little time to escape


Dream a little tea cup

With brave wings she flies

Out in the cold

Running free