Have you ever felt very strong emotions after seeing just anything? For me, this is my life. Being super emotional and a self-proclaimed poet, I always feel a strong urge to convert my emotions into words. Making a long rhyming poem is not possible all the times so most of the times, I am left struggling with the thoughts pondering in my mind. So, one day I started converting my feelings into small meaningful quotes. Below are some of my deep thoughts restricted in few words.

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#1 It’s easy to swim with the tide until you are on the wrong side.

#2 A relationship of “give and take”, that can be screwed by one who is being fake.

#3 Let’s not treat the innocence as per their parent’s past tense

#4 There is no loss or no win when it comes to the color of your skin

#5 Some painted black, some painted white, blind the difference between wrong and right

#6 If you can’t mend then it’s better to end

#7 There’s always something to gain from the pain

#8 From the resources’ reduction, towards the inevitable destruction

#9 A positive attitude for the win

#10 Want to achieve something? Do something

#11 All it takes a peaceful mind and one being kind

#12 What you give is what you take

#13 Stand and fight but also choose the right

#14 Or videos, comments, pictures, existence?

#15 The secret of happiness

#16 You can’t fight sexism towards women with sexism towards men

#17 The peaceful life or the unpredictable adventure, the choice is yours

#18 The list is very long

#19 One wrong cross can result in the life’s loss

#20 Fear in eyes, starving body, and blood on little hands; humanity is dying a horrifying death on the gunpowder filled lands

#21 Perfection is a myth

#22 Real men do cry

#23 If they are ready to listen

#24 We have inspirations living with us

#25 We have already done too much of destruction

#26 It’s fine not to be perfect, you are beautiful

#27 Money can’t buy happiness

#28 Follow the old with the involvement of new bold

#29 Just two words

#30 Out of the optimist, pessimist and realist: be the doer

#31 The unintentional eye contacts and silent talks

#32 Whatever the condition, survive

#33 Be considerate with the food givers

#34 The only best way is to be better than yesterday

#35 Some smiles a day keep doctors away

#36 Internet bullying is bullying, one of the worst kind

#37 The worst is gone, now you have to just climb the stone

#38 The more you give, the more you earn

#39 Let it go

#40 #SandpaperGate