I am Sumanth Raj Urs, I love travelling and exploring new places everyday. And I’m a big fan of the Panda so I collected few pandas and started travelling with them.

This is a story of 4 Pandas who travel with me and when they started exploring new places with me, more Pandas joined in because of all the adventures they did. Now it’s a big Panda family growing bigger and bigger.

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4 Panda friends

Who just love to eat

And eat

And eat

And eat and eat and eat…

Loves diving

Tries to drink an get stuck on a straw

They like to travel and explore new places

Loves to go on hiking too

And chilling

They like to enjoy the nature view and love a carrot

And they really like the carrot

A new Panda came to control them

And he’s the Pirate Panda, the bad one!

He started giving instructions and did not let them enjoy

These 4 Pandas were upset that they could not enjoy anymore

Then came the Po – The Kung Panda, who just enjoy and have fun

Even he liked to explore and have travelled to many places

In fact he has tried Paragliding

Then he took all of them on a Road trip with his Minion friends

Look how they are flaunting

They went on a trekking, but this Badass Pirate Panda could not do anything

He explored tea estates

He took blessings too!

He posed there too!

When they thought they are ending the fun, he then introduced these Pandas to a Ninja Panda

He isn’t less in anything, he has gained his Ninja knowledge from Master’s through out the world

Oh last but not the least, They drink, they travel, they enjoy, they meditate, All in all they are just LOVELY PANDAS