This is the story of me and you. YES, YOU! Still young but big creatures. This is the time of our life, that we enjoyed most. The little world of big illusions.

It started 2 years ago, one afternoon, with a point and shoot device, 5MP smartphone camera. Since then my collection grew up, with more and more minifigs, revealing new worlds and fantasies of my own or inspired by others. The technique behind the scene has always been the same: natural light or nonprofessionals bulbs, an old DSLR – 400D Canon, Photoshop only for brightness and contrast.

The set is always real, is the world we live in, with real scale objects surrounding us (furniture, food, animals). The characters are all LEGO and I try to focus as much as I can on nonstars minifigs (like Darth Vader, Batman or The Simpsons). They have an important role, too, being endowed with new qualities/characteristics, but not related to their SF origins. They have the mission to manage on Earth, in different environments.

Every picture gets on Instagram and Facebook with a creative tagline (music lyric, saying, movie quote). This is the big story of my small inner world. Take that LEGO “He” and “She’, picture them in your imagination, then do it for real. You might enjoy it more than this. Within a few weeks, I will start selling hard copies of the LEGO stories to dedicated fans, such as myself, through my Facebook page.

Kit: 20 minifigs (removable heads, bodies, accessories)
Shooting equip: Canon 400D – 18-55 standard lenses, 55-200 Tamron (4-5.6)
Set: Real World (places, objects, food, animals)
Shoots by now: ~ 160 and counting
Time / picture (shoot + minimal edit): 1h
Instagram (“danalexandrubanu”) followers: ~320
FB (“toy divison”) friends: ~350

More info: Instagram

Beatles on Abbey Road

Legography class

Breakfast in bed of chocolate

Beach kit

Around the block

Alien take off

I bat on locust

Old friends

To live or not olive

Ice bucket challenge

LEGOvore plant

3,2,1… LEtsGO!

To the moon and back


Seeds of love

LEGO display of power

Go west!

The beach boys

He’s got the jack

Play all day!


The great escape

LEGOtelle peperoni

Round and round

Fix you

Just play!

You can’t run

Honey, I’m gooone!