I am Anna Zaboeva, an artist who’s created footwear series that deals with fashion recycling. The shoes feature funky patterns and give afterlife to a cool retro fabrics.

In my own blog, I call fast fashion a cultural hangover. I agree that as soon as a trend has passed, certain clothes may appeal to you as of horrifying ugly style and you’d feel urge to get rid of them as soon as possible, but I believe that this happens mostly due to particular cut of the dress while the fabric itself may be totally all right and can have fantastic colors and patterns. I take these garments as raw material for my shoes and put in highlight the beauty of the textiles themselves, thus preserving and honoring the work of many people such as textile designers, print and weave masters and manufacturers who put an effort before me. Some of my shoes are fully made of recycled materials and often carry vegan concept within, while others include genuine leather to brighten up the colors.

I love wearing quality leather shoes and I have no problem when working with the skin of domestic animals. Often fabrics would be sourced right at dumpsters and documented on photo “as found” to have a proof of resurrecting and later to be used for before/after effect.

I also sometimes frame up leftover materials and exhibit them along with the shoe in galleries and design festivals. Other times I make short films that are inspired by the design.

More info: pleasemachine.me

Parent garment and the shoes

The fabric in different formations: as granny’s upholstery

and as exclusive designer shoes


Merry Go Round high heel boots featuring silk scarf