A beautiful ballet dance attracts more and more attention to the public every day. For the tenderness and beauty of the ballet is a heavy daily work. Crazy physical tension, competition within the team, exacting to oneself. The ovations of the grateful hall are becoming a reward. This is what makes the ballerina’s work romantic and fabulous.

Daryan Volkova, a ballerina and master of ballet photography, in her works openly demonstrates what is hidden from the eyes of the audience. Ballet classes, the simple life of ballet dancers behind the stage, rehearsals of performances. Her work is full of honesty and artistic grace.

Ballet Photos by Darian Volkova.

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Darian Volkova Master of Ballet Photography / Selfie

#2 Ballet rehearsal

#3 Ballerinas in the dressing room

#4 Ballerinas behind the scenes

#5 You thought that the ballerina little eat?))

#6 Ballerina

#7 Ballet shoes