One of the most known fictional characters in the world is a man who works as a private detective, with some great qualities, such as proficiency with observation, forensic science and logical reasoning. Well, but what if Sherlock Holmes were a girl? Can you imagine that?

Talking about womens’ empowerment, we can picture this scene with a little help from Brazilian photographer Mari Merlim, who made a beautiful photo shoot called “The Fantastic World of a Sherlock Holmes”, with a little girl called Gigi as the protagonist. “He is one of the most famous character in classic novels in the world, which has given rise to almost all the other characters in investigative and detective ones. Why not portray it so that girls can identify with these strong characteristics?”, the photographer told me, while we chat on Facebook.

She also said that is good to change some roles once in a while. “The idea is to represent girls in important roles and as protagonists. Usually the smart, rational and adventurous characters are executed by men. This is to give girls the power of protagonism in places where they have already told us that they were not ours”.

In the photo series, Gigi, the curious young lady, starts to walk in an old library until she founds Sherlock Holmes book among fifteen thousand others. When she opens it to read, she’s magically back to 1887 and starts her journey as a detective herself, ready to solve some mysteries all around. Everything starts with a good touch of imagination, right?

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