“4 Photographers, 1 Model” started as the brainchild of Jessica Kobeissi, later inspiring many

photographers around the world to give their own unique spin on the concept.

The main idea is simple – gather a few photographers from different genres, let each of them

choose a different location and a different concept (according to their own unique vision),

and for each one – let the other photographers have a go, forcing them to adjust to the unfamiliar set,

while adding their own twist.




Each photographer has only 4 minutes to explore another photographer’s set & vision

and have their own go at it. The video shows their process,

and the different point of view & style of each photographer, culminating in their final shots.




The Israeli version was created on a soft sunny day in Tel Aviv in December 2017.




*Watch the full video here*





The project was uploaded to the YouTube channel “Hamami Productions” on 18/1/18.




videography and edit: Eldar Hamami @eldarhamami

Graphic Design and videography : Yuval Vasiuk @yuvalvasiuk


Initiator: Rona Bar



Yulia Taits @Yuliataitsphoto

Rona Bar @Roabarphotos

Imri Agmon @Imriagmon

Roy Tuchband @Roytd


Model: Hadar Bar Noy @hadarbarnoy

Makeup: Noa Bukra @noabukra_makeup

More info: youtube.com

Yulia’s set

Rona’s set

Roy’s set

Imri’s set