Everyone is a photographer now. Many of us have beautiful photos that would make fellow countryman proud of their home and leave others in awe. But what‘s the use of them if only small number of people can see them?

Lithuanians came up the brilliant idea of sharing such photos with the whole world. They launched Real Is Beautiful – free stock of country photos, which has no equivalents.

"The idea behind Real is Beautiful Stock is to create an open online platform that would share the first person impression, not artificial version of Lithuania. Lithuanians, tourists, visitors, as well as involved organisations are encouraged to upload their photos and freely use photos as well," says Tomas Ramanauskas, Real is Beautiful Stock initiator, founder of the creative agency New!.

The idea went viral in Lithuania. During the first month of being online, almost 1000 amateur and professional photographers uploaded thousands of photos to the stock.

“This is a platform to showcase how a country is seen by its own people, instead of one official version. There are many facets of what we find beautiful in Lithuania“, continues Tomas.

Real is Beautiful Stock is the combined effort of several private companies, including creative, digital, PR agencies and law firm none of which received any pay for any work. The only cost was buying domains for 30 Euros.

It is expected that this stock will grow substantially over the coming months and will serve as an example to other countries, showing that there is so much of untapped crowdsourced potential, when it comes to a nation building its own image.

More info: realisbeautiful.lt