We’ve been travelling around Central Europe for more than a decade. Together or separately, we discover places, that are not filled with thousands of tourists – like Prague, Budapest or Kraków – but still have a great tourist potential. They are also cool, interesting and we always feel good when we’re there. Some day we got together, packed up equipment and our backpacks, took our good friend and an experienced backpacker with us, and left for a trip!

We chose four cities (one in each country: Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary). Exceptional cities. Not too big, not too small. Very attractive and intriguing but still not trampled by millions of tourists. Such places that managed to keep their natural, local character. Where – after two or three days – you already say ‘hi!’ to the locals.

Cieszyn/Český Těšín, Olomouc, Pécs, Košice – four cities where you see the true Central Europe. Multicultural, open, hospitable, safe. A bit eccentric from time to time – in Cieszyn they eat herring sandwiches (far from the sea), in Olomouc they still keep a wheel on which people used to be tortured, in Košice they have barns on top of blocks of flats and in Pécs there’s a Roman Catholic church in a mosque building.

Have a look at what we brought from this trip.

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Cieszyn/Český Těšín (Poland/Czech Republic)

Košice (Slovakia)

Pécs (Hungary)

Olomouc (Czech Republic)