Dima Borysov’s GastroFamily brings together 14 different restaurants in Kyiv. 7 of them are devoted to the New Ukrainian cuisine. For many years we are discovering the most interesting and delicious local products, apply the latest technologies and create something completely new. With food stylist Natasha Ovramenko and photographer Mishka Bochkarev we made 12 still lifes to show that Ukrainian cuisine is more than “salo, borsch and varenyky”.

Ukrainian 40 days dry aged beef

Ukrainian oysters Mushlya Fayna – Kherson Region, the Black sea.

Ukrainian specialties: dried pears from Poltava region and Morchella from Kyiv.

Cheeses from cheese dairies in Kyiv and Lviv region

Sturgeon caviar from sturgeon farm in Kyiv region.

Popular Kyiv cake and handmade rooster lollipops

Salo in edible gold – salted at Ostannya Barycada restaurant

Snails from Vinnytsia region

Capon and crayfish

Beef and cakes