Is it a passion or an obsession? Fisher’s Café in North Arlington, New Jersey is nutty about nutcrackers. Their collection began with just three nutcrackers and has grown to more than 375 with increasing numbers every year. The tradition of nutcrackers began during the 1600s in Germany and this beloved holiday symbol has found a welcoming sanctuary in a charming New Jersey cafe.

Owner, Carlos Sierra’s love for nutcrackers was inspired through his love for the community. Not surprisingly, many of the nutcrackers were given by café customers. Despite certain similarities, each one seems to have its own special character with a story to tell. “Our collection reflects our neighborhood with true diversity and inclusiveness.”

The row upon row of military-precise nutcrackers of every shape and size put customers in the holiday spirit. Everyone working at Fisher’s Cafe enjoys sharing their stories about the different nutcrackers in their ever-expanding collection with the hundreds of people who visit each year. “It has become my addiction,” says a local customer, “and I get my addiction satisfied every time I walk in here.”

With so many nutcrackers, ranging from just one inch to six feet tall, the Fisher’s Café collection may eventually outgrow its home but for now, they surround every visitor with joy, love, and delicious food.

If it’s time to feed your need for nutcrackers and nosh, visit Fisher’s Café located at 18 Ridge Park Drive in North Arlington, New Jersey.

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Over 375 Nutcrackers!

Fisher’s Cafe Owner, Carlos Sierra with server, Carolina

The collection started with just 3 nutcrackers

No two nutcrackers are alike