I’m a stencil artist from Vermont (US) and recently we painted the largest World Cow in the country using over 100 handmade poster board stencils and spray paint.

My team consisted of Mike, master exterior painter and guy that gets the job done right, Katerina, apprentice and member of DJ Barry Art crew, and Dennis and Niki who commissioned the project. My wife and daughter are also crew members and helped paint the cow along with everyone else who happened to show up at the right time. It was a community effort.

The World Cow is both inspirational and educational. It makes it easier to teach geography and the map of the world to a toddler. Kids love looking at animals.

Most people will drive by and just see a holstein cow. I usually have to point out the spots when I’m selling prints and shirts.

Keep a look out for smaller versions of this cow. When I’m not painting street art, I’m usually hiding woodcuts for people to find.

More info: djbarryart.com

World Cow in Middlesex, VT (US)

World Cow on a barn near Rumney Elementary

Spraying Europe was tough because it landed on the door hinge. Photo credit: Jeb Wallace-Brodeur.

Photo credit: Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

Katerina is officially part of the crew! Thanks for all your help! Photo credit: Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

I reused most of the stencils

This was difficult to layout alone