David Madero is a Mexican-American sculptor and furniture designer, but as that description doesn’t really do justice to the awesome art he creates, let’s just call him the heavy-metal hero of the welded art world.

Based in Torreón, Mexico, Madero is the founder of Madero/Co, a welded art company that can do things with metal that you wouldn’t have thought possible. Considered to be one of the foremost welding sculptors in the world, it’s easy to see why when you look at these twisted masterpieces.

He’s responsible for producing a wide array of surreal and fantastical artwork from steel, brass, copper and bronze. From large pieces to smaller sculptures and even a line of silver and gold jewelry, there seems to be nothing he can’t do with metal. He even spent 12 months making a 500ft long monumental steel ‘Serpentina’ for Albuquerque International Airport along with his late father, master sculptor Rogelio Madero.

When asked about his inspiration, Madero told Bored Panda: “I’m sure some people may think it’s a cliche, but I honestly get most of my inspiration when I close my eyes at night, while I’m sleeping, and right when I wake up. I’ve never really been able to verbally express my dreams to people, but I do believe I’m able to communicate some crazy portion of what goes through my head at night, through my artwork.”

As well as his passion for welded art, Madero is also passionate about teaching his craft to others. He’s given welded art workshops around the world and he’s always happy to pass on his knowledge to others who are eager to learn more about this fascinating and highly skillful art form.

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