A land of wood and water, proud, independent Lithuania is fast being recognised as one of Europe’s gems. Southernmost of the Baltic states, it’s a pocket-sized republic that’s a nature-lover’s delight, yet lacks nothing in urban excitement.

This year Lithuania is celebrating 100 years of independence.

Enjoy beautiful country landscape photos from above.

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The Baltic Sea is deep into the continent, and its coastline is one of the most beautiful in Europe

Lithuania has a coastline of 90 kilometers. Although short, but impressively beautiful. Small sandy beaches, white dunes of the Curonian Spit, mobile resorts or historic coastal fishermen villages – the calmly shining Baltic Sea is waiting for everyone.

In the beginning of XVI century, Crimean Tatars began to seduce the districts of Vilnius, there was an urgent matter to protect the core of the city with masonry walls with five gates

They formed a closed ring, which was nearly a three kilometers long. The wall height was 12 meters and the thickness of the masonry was about one and a half meters. The construction was completed in 1522. Later a bastion was built. It was a defensive structure consisting of a tower, an artillery cannons and a tunnel connecting them.

Fairy golden hour, sun illuminates St. Apostle Peter and Paul Church – one of the most beautiful in the world

The sun opens down the panorama of Meridian and Klaipeda’s Old Town

Constitution Avenue- the capital business and skyscrapers district

A panoramic photo of one of the most beautiful streets of Vilnius – Gediminas Avenue

The first internationally recognized cultural heritage of Lithuania is the Old Town of Vilnius

From the XIII century until the 18th century Vilnius was the political center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and had a great influence on the cultural and architectural development of Eastern Europe. Although often attacked and destroyed, he retained impressive Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicist buildings, as well as the structure of the city of Medieval and the natural environment.

Birstonas- one of the prettiest Lithuania towns, resides on a loop of the Nemunas River

It’s famous as a spa town and for hosting Birštonas Jazz festival.

It was a fabulous evening, the sun shone so brightly that it started to blind through the mirrors of the car. “Path to Light”

Everyone is waiting for Christmas – the most anticipated feast of the year

The capital of Lithuania – Vilnius is ready for a magical timepiece: here you will find one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, visit one of the most impressive Christmas trees in the world, see the wonders of UNESCO heritage listed on the streets of the Old Town, enjoy the Christmas tastes and smells, and explore the charming Christmas train!

Elektrėnai St. Queen of the Virgin Mary Church

The capital of Lithuania is decorated with three white, magnificent crosses standing on a high mountain

They are not only a symbol of Vilnius, but also a monument to national identity and resistance to occupation. Upon reaching the Hill of Three Crosses, there is a fairy-tale panorama of the city, which I was enjoying this cold winter day .

If you often travel from the Vilnius-Kaunas route, you may have noticed almost horizontally somewhere in the horizon with an unnatural turning angle with some sort of “crane” on it

Yes, there is the same monstrous Kruonis power plant. The biggest guitar in the world!

Vilnius is one of the most expanding North European capitals with the largest Baroque Old Town in the world

City combines the past with the present and the future, which includes world cuisine, a rapidly expanding nightlife and shiny new skyscrapers that grow like mushrooms under a construction crane. Road labyrinths takes away the promise, while the flashing ant machines hypnotize the viewer. The old Neris River runs across the city as an anakonda in the Amazon basin, which reflects the sun’s rays and the deity of the moon.

There is nothing quite as serene as seeing the countryside covered in a fresh sheet of snow

The Lithuanian capital Vilnius, is the country’s largest and liveliest city

It’s been a Lithuanian centre of power for centuries, going back to the days of the Lithuanian dukes, but successive waves of Polish, Russian and Jewish influence have lent a cosmopolitan flavour that other large Lithuanian cities lack.

Swinging from a giant height down, everyone seated at the attraction feels as if hanging in the air – the chair and the safety ring are no longer in doubt, dangle legs and hands, and the earth begins to approach the face quickly

Scroll down your head, shout out of surprise,feel a little of fear, the bird’s flight, just having fun is reasons that are reminds of childhood. People last for days when they were young, when a heartless childhood started up in their hearts. One of the places where this nostalgia takes up the heart is abandoned Elektrenai amusement park “Vaikų pasaulis”.

I want this moment to last forever

One of the most beautiful fairy-tale castles in the world