I have a philosophical question for you: if someone enjoys a meal that everyone else finds horrid, do they prove that taste is subjective? Or do they achieve the opposite and show that it exists within certain boundaries? Whatever your initial answer is, hold on to it until you finish scrolling through this list. Believe me, it might change.

To show you that some stomachs have no limits, we at Bored Panda put together a collection of the weirdest food combinations we could find. We’re talking bacon-wrapped Oreos, hard-boiled eggs with Nutella, and… I can’t go on, sorry, I just had breakfast. You’ll have to scroll down and check out everything for yourself. If you have the guts, of course. Just don’t tell Gordon Ramsay about these photos — he’d probably stab these “chefs” with a fork.

Found This Gem – soup but frozen as a popsicle

Image credits: reddit.com