One groomsman didn’t have the right shoes for the wedding he was attending, so instead of buying a new pair just for that one night, he decided to ask around if someone had a pair that would fit the dresscode. And as luck would have it, one of his friends owned a pair that was perfect for the occasion.

As a thank you, the groomsman decided to amuse his buddy. One-by-one, he started sending him live updates of the wedding, only they were from his shoes’ point of view. There was dancing, there was dining, there were new acquaintances being made. Everything you’d expect from an unforgettable night.

After everything was said and done, the groomsman uploaded screenshots of their conversation on Imgur, and they immediately went viral. I guess people know a true friendship once they see one.

“The wedding was nice, it was a small ceremony because of the pandemic, but they have plans to do a proper celebration for their anniversary, COVID-permitting,” the groomsman told Bored Panda, adding that only a few other groomsmen knew what was going on. “I had to be a bit crafty to get the photos during the ceremony, but I think I was pretty sneaky for most of them. I did require a photographer for some of them to get the proper angle, But I would like to claim that last photo as my own. Pretty proud of that one.”

He and the owner of the shoes met in college and have been good buds ever since. By the looks of it, the wedding only strengthened their bond. “He kept saying he was upset but I think he thought it was pretty funny as well,” the groomsman said. “We had fun documenting the wedding in an unconventional way.”

I wonder if the wedding photographer caught any of the shoe-romance, too.

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