I have been sewing and crafting since I was little because my mother used to do it all the time. I learned from her, the power of creating things with my hands, and constructing something beautiful with just a few materials and good ideas.

I remember my mom weaving when she would wait for me during my piano classes when I was a little girl. Later on, she taught me all the weaving skills and I did my first tapestry when I was 11 years old: a quirky little elephant standing on a fuzzy field of silky flowers. It started as just a hobby with my mom, I never got any real formal education on how to do them when I was a kid, and I never thought it would be what I wanted to do with my life. Time passed, and I still cannot believe that weaving turned out to be my full-time job.

Weaving for me is like daily meditation, a need. As I’m weaving, I usually go crazy jumping on many diverse ideas at the same time as a distracted butterfly. I try to make fast sketches and secure some of the color combinations that suddenly pop on my mind, as fast as possible. Sometimes while I’m on a walk I get some forms, shapes, and thoughts. Sometimes I imagine and interpret a song, or a smell or a landscape in a more synesthetic way. Sometimes I dream about certain textures. I’ve always been a little drawn by the concept of synesthesia, a mix of impressions that gets you carried away bringing you to an involuntary secondary sensory pathway. Wassily Kandinsky, the father of abstraction, was a synesthete, always trying to evoke sound through color and shapes and he’s always been a huge inspiration for me.

With my weaves I try to seek the pleasure between the relationship of a tactile versus visual synesthesia, touching colors, listening textures, tasting shapes, perceiving colors represented by certain shapes, and vice versa. But especially, my purpose is to share this experience with everyone else and give you some colorful goosebumps.

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