How would you like to take your favorite piece of art and wear it? I’m an artist from Greece with a passion for making unique personalized hats and more.

My inspiration comes from comics, movies, graffiti, video games etc. My goal is to motivate more people, to express their personality.

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Breaking Bad

I hand painted this plain snapback hat using airbrush and fine brushes for the details. It took me 5 hours, I made this Breaking bad theme as a fan art of the TV series.

Airbrushed Tiger

I saw this tattoo of a tiger and I definitely wanted to tattoo one on my hats. I spent 4 hours for this. I like the colors on this cap very much.

Venom Theme

The Joker

Old School Rose

South Park, The Stick Of Truth


Thresh League Of Legends

Adventure Time

Sketching Boba Fett From Star Wars