In Russia, where I’m from originally, on the International Women’s Day, men usually take the part of the domestic work, give flowers and gifts to women.

The feature illustrations in this series the fact that men of different trades, such as plumber, driver, janitor or manager are depicted in poses of statues in ancient times. Someone is changing greatly, and some remains almost the same. The main thing that is reflected not only suffering in the poses of statues, but also patience: it is just for one day. The inscription on all pictures reads: “On this day, we will try to get better.” This series can be regarded as a kind of social advertising and mockery of men, which would be helpful to women every day.

More info:

Michelangelo «David», 1501-1504

António Manuel Soares dos Reis «The Exile», 1872

Auguste Rodin «The Thinker», 1880—1882

Augustin Pajou «Pluton», 1768

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux «Philoctetes on the island of Lemnos», 1852