My husband and I spend few days last month exploring the wilderness of Kruger National Park (South Africa), one of the largest Game reserves in Africa. We were in Balule region of Kruger and used to go on game drives twice a day.

Witnessing animals in their natural habitat was amazingly soothing, it made us lose the will to visit a zoo in future. The anticipation of unexpected sightings in the great bush was just thrilling. We witnessed some breath taking views and landscapes which left us speechless.

Entering the Balule region of Kruger Park

The first animal we spotted was an African Tusker. These fellows demand respect and space from viewers

A gentle Giraffe, just busy eating his lunch. He gave us a glance and then calmly went back to munching. Fact – Darker the spots, older the giraffe

Next we spotted another of the Big 5 – Cape Buffalo. Males have these thick helmetted horns

Impalas, the most commonly seen antelope in South Africa

Finally we saw a legendary African sunset

Each sunset in South Africa was different from the previous one…sunset sky never bored our camera

A mesmerising morning in the bush of Kruger

Yellow-billed Hornbill, most commonly seen in South Africa

A large family of Giraffe, including a tiny baby giraffe

A young Elephant on its way to take a sip and a dip

Here comes the ultimate beast – the king of the jungle…a white lion. Notice all the battle scars on its face…

A pride of White lions and lionesses!

Being all daring and playing with a Black Panther cub and a Leopard cub

A cute Warthog family. I discovered their cuteness only after visiting SA

A White Rhino, turned out the word ‘white’ is a currupted form of ‘wide’ which referes to the shape of their mouth and has nothing to do with the color

A Zebra family

Zebra and Wildebeest always move together, Wildebeest benefit because they eat short grass that zebra leave behind

How I wish the sunsets could last longer, but it’s a magic of just few minutes

African Wild Dog – they always move and hunt in packs, are very efficient predators, take care of all the babies in the pack even if not their own

Another one, crossing the path right in front of us