“Weasel,” as she is affectionately known – her name’s McCavity – was found, as a tiny kitten, emaciated and bleeding, in a remote region of the Baviaanskloof in South Africa.

Perhaps as a result of her tough start in life, she stayed quite small.

She also stayed quite wild. Preferring to explore the wide-open expanses of the Karoo Wildlife Center where she lived – instead of becoming a house cat.

When my wife and I were asked to adopt her (into our suburban Cape Town apartment) we worried she might not adapt to being a ‘city cat’ and that she might not want to live surrounded by humans in such close quarters.

She had, after all, never laid eyes on a highway, or seen a sky-scraper, or even another cat (not counting karakal and leopard).

At first, she hid away. Venturing out only when necessary.

My wife started taking pics of her on the odd occasion she relaxed out in the open for a bit.

Early pic of Weasel hiding out while she snoozes

Every now and then she’d play with a patch of cloth. Her patch, I mean. Don’t mess with her patch

Or catch a sunbeam

After a few weeks, we had a first. A nap on a lap

Then quickly getting more comfortable with her new family

Starting to love cuddles

She even started waking up in bed with us in the morning

With the occasional ‘advanced’ sleeping maneuver

Or two

And she will cry until I make space for her between my legs on the bed

But catches up on any missed sleep in the daytime by covering her eyes

She loves destroying our blankets