My wife and I have a long history of working with printmaking, ceramics, jewelry, and design. We started Thirty Circles in 2014 as our first collaboration. What started as laser cut jewelry grew into a larger project of laser cut art that we named Inner Space. Inner Space reflects the beauty and intricacies of geometry within nature. It started with a deep fascination of patterns and forms found in the most microscopic corners of our world along with those found in the far reaches of space.

Each design starts as a simple shape or pattern found in nature, which grows into an intricate design of interwoven geometry. We spend hours designing and planning how these shapes will interact when separated into different layers and stacked together. We send the final design to the laser cutter, take the individually laser cut pieces of wood and stack them to create the final piece of art.

We both believe that art and design have the power to make the world a more beautiful and cohesive space. And that’s really what Inner Space is about; finding peace and tranquility despite the chaos and disorder that might surround us. It’s about making art that can offer a moment of understanding and connection for the viewer.

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Portal Mandala

Uses Fibonacci/Golden Ratio within a decagon.

Power Of Six Mandala

Motivated by the importance of bees and their hive’s intricate honeycomb matrix.

Apollonian Flower Mandala

Evokes cellular growth and microscopic life.

Sanctuary Mandala

Influenced by French cathedral windows and the divine feminine.

Sunflower Mandala

Inspired by the rays of our Sun.

Venus Mandala

Based on the orbit of Venus in relation to Earth.