We are huge Christmas movie fans in our house. To celebrate the season this year, we decided to recreate scenes from our favorite Christmas movies. However, we reimagined the scenes as if they were shot at our house with our kids and are posting the whole photo series on our Instagram.

We spent a couple hours total setting up the scenes and shooting them. Our family had tons of fun acting out not only our kids’ favorite Christmas movies but our own “parent” favorites as well. And yes, Die Hard and Gremlins are definitely Christmas Movies!

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Cousin Eddie From Christmas Vacation

“It’s a pink nightmare. He looks like a deranged Easter bunny!” From A Christmas Story

“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…” From Die Hard

“Cute. Clever. Mischievous. Intelligent. Dangerous.” From the Gremlins Movie Poster

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.” From Elf