Hi! I’m Elaina and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed in 2007 at 24 years old. I recently had to stop teaching due to my MS progressing. As my MS has progressed, I have realized how completely unaware people are of disabilities that are invisible. When I tell someone that I can’t stand too long, they look me up and down and often roll their eyes. I have even had a cashier make an announcement that I didn’t want people cutting in front of me in line and asked what the others behind me thought. (I was having a rough day and couldn’t stand much longer.) Some people are very rude and unkind. We need to raise awareness that not all disabilities can be seen!

My husband and I started an Etsy store to help replace some of my lost income since I stopped teaching. We have added several awareness items and we love creating custom orders. Please check out our Etsy store, Barber’s Craft Shop, barberscraftshop.etsy.com. We are also on Facebook and Instagram @barberscraftshop. I look forward to creating an order for you and helping raise awareness of invisible disabilities!

More info: Etsy

Hi! I’m Elaina and I have Multiple Sclerosis.