Harry started the Retro-Rockets Jewelry line in 2006, inspired by the X-Prize and XCHALLENGE as well as the Rocket Racing League. Now President of a jewelry manufacturing company, Ruidoso Metalworks, Harry grew up on Golden Age Science Fiction, and looking up to the actual rocket scientists he knew growing up in Las Cruces, NM; watching the Space Race first hand and the excitement and pride it brought. Knowing that the public’s attention would once again turn to space, Harry started designing. He wanted to make jewelry that recalled the glory, triumph, and ingenuity of space exploration both real and imaginary. He intended to sell his Retro-Rockets at X-Prize and Rocket Racing League events; that did not come to pass.

I joined Harry’s team at Ruidoso Metalworks in 2013, having grown up with Modern Science Fiction, model rockets, and miniatures. I came to work as part of the jewelry reproduction team, but quickly found a common interest with Harry over our love of space. The Retro-Rockets line had been put on the back burner, and seeing the renewed interest in private space exploration I urged him to let me try to bring new life to it.

We are now using some of the most modern jewelry prototyping and production techniques, including 3D modeling and printing, to create new and exciting jewelry designs while continuing to honor our inspirations. As NASA made giant leaps a generation ago we eagerly anticipate even the small steps the new generation of private space exploration will bring. Making these realistic pieces of wearable science fiction and space for other space enthusiasts young and old is just what we love doing!

More info: retro-rockets.com

Astronaut Pendant with 24K Gold Plated Visor

V-2 Earrings with Swarovski Garnet Flames

Rivet Rocket Pendant with Swarovzki Garnet Flame

Real Campo Cielo Meteorite Earring

Real Campo Cielo Meteorite Pendant

Sterling Silver Orbit Adjustable Ring

Alien Abduction Ring with Cat’s Eye Dome

Sterling Silver Planetary Cruiser Pendant

Sterling Silver Mars Rocket Pendant

Sterling Silver Ray Gun Lapel Pin

Black Hole Pendant with Druzy Quartz Center

V-2 Lapel Pin with Swarovski Garnet Flame