Hi, we’are a group of creatives from Poland who decided to have fun mixing various artistic activities with food & nature themes. That’s why we set „Culinary Stories” – a tasty visual series spiced up with juicy words & typo (from time to time).

In general we would like to shed new light on food. Go way beyond typical foodporn & cooking recipes. Food is just a starting point for us. We enjoy playing with context. We love abstraction. If you love it too, visit our profile on instagram. Enjoy! Bon appétit!

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Do you know there’s a place where time doesn’t fly? Where you can feel your stomach butterflies. Where you can wear redcurrant beads. Where nothing is as it seems. They call it The Secret Garden. So please come in

Great Countess Torte von Meringue. No strawberry subject can feel comfortable under her rule. Actually she’s a merciless bloodsucker but she’s also bloody good. Especially for those who… will eat her one day

When two eggocentric ballerinas decided to break their fast, the inevitable mess was brought to the table

All tomatoes (no matter what shape or shade you are) aboard! A chopping board. Foodies are waiting

Breaking News! Oh, what a fiasco! There wasn’t enough room on the white plate for all invited V.I.P. guests to the jubilee Taste Festival. Dandelions even weren’t let in. Pardon, one small got inside. Oh, what a fiasco!

Beware of places where the wild pumpkins grow. Believe it or not, taming these pot-bellied creatures is not a piece of cake

The sweetest caramel make-up. And fabulous berry blue bijou. White Meringues will do anything to look as fancy as pansy. And win the beauty contest too. But only one of them will be the cutie number one. And those who won’t will feel so blue. And some will even crack in two. So, White Meringues, is it really worth it?

Natural Geographic presents “The Struggle for Survival”. When hungry and ruthless secateurs-predators go on the prowl, lives of young sage leaves are at risk. Snip snip snip snip and soon there’s nothing left to eat

Eleven plums sweet purple plums don’t you dare tease my gums if you do that oh my dears one of you disappears

Some say there is a magic nest The nest built from spring and coziness Smelling all year round of fresh fruits and flowers And those who get there will gain supernatural powers But people also say all those little wonders Are only for the boldest wanderers Will you dare to be one of them?