Margaret Atwood’s dystopian vision from ”Handmaid’s Tale” suddenly has become more and more realistic because of infamous popularity of extreme right beliefs across the world. Showmax series based on novel, which second season is about to be aired, made the vision clear and really scary. Especially when you realize those cruel fictional ideas are part of political agenda in real life. As in Poland where extremely conservative government tries to restrict women and human rights by banning legal abortion, sexual education and limiting access to contraception. Those attempts brought thousands of angry Poles to the streets to defend women’s rights.

“The Last Collection For Women” is a result of collaboration between and local fashion hub Showroom. As a part of promo campaign of upcoming “Handmaid’s Tale” 2nd season the growing problem was highlighted. Items from the collection are for sale to support local Women’s Rights Center.

More info:

The end of fashion is coming…

First and the last collection for women inspired by latest trends in Poland: discrimination, patriarchy and gender inequality.

How can we help?

By entering you can support the Women’s Rights Center and see the effects of photoshoot made by Daniel Jaroszek. You’ll also see what the end of fashion may look like if we do not react right now.

Real fashion campaign

The campaign is supported by local fashion bloggers. The unique fashion sets were inspired by Showmax series and real problems women in Poland are facing every day.